Embedding Google Spreadsheets

Generic Method

From Google Sheets, use File, Publish to the Web to get the Embed code (the iframe link)
In your web page, switch to Text view and paste the iframe link.

Flip Horizontal Scroll Bars to Top Method

Use Generic Method to embed a sheet.

Next, follow the steps below to create a shortcode similar to the one shown in the example below.

Modify the iframe link as follows:
– add class=”Content” height=”1400″ width=”1640″ after the iframe tag
– using square brackets, add an embed_sheet shortcode above and below the iframe – make the bottom short code a closing one /embed_sheet
– for the top shortcode, add a sheet_height=”” parameter

Adjust the 3 height/width variables
embed code height – make this 50px higher than the iframe height
iframe height – big enough to show all of spreadsheet without internal iframe scroll bars
iframe width – full width of underlying sheet – try 1500px to start