An Experimental Room Layout

Meeting Layout

Room Set Up

This is our normal arrangement

Note the hollow square.  Here Leon is standing approximately centre front.

Leon explains the different layout

Leon is our Sergeant at Arms and he has some innovative ideas as we discovered at Meeting 18 on January 30.

Normally the tables and chairs are set out in a hollow square. Speakers stand in the centre front.

But sometimes our members find themselves on a platform addressing an audience in rows of chairs with notables at all.

He didn’t got that far as you can see. He is leading us in gently.

Julia 170130 AA light on the beach

Julia delivered her third CC Manual speech.

She told us a gripping story of a diver who came to the surface to find his support boat had drifted away and he was lost about 2 Kms from the beach as the sun went down.

The search was called off but his family came down to the beach with torches and shone them out into the dark ocean all night in case he was out there somewhere. He saw these winking lights on a dark horizon and swam towards them. As the dawn came up he stumbled out of the surf.

She applied this story to us. We may think that what we do for others is inconsequential but everything counts. Perhaps only the audience at our funerals will hear of the difference we made for others.
Caroline 170130 C
Caroline evaluated Anna’s speech

Anna did a reading ‘A way to condition humans’

This was from the Aldous Huxley novel Brave New World

You can see that Caroline handled the different layout with great confidence. Her evaluation used our standard Commendation | Recommendation | Commendation structure.

Speaking afterwards during our supper time she reflected on the experience. It was quite different for her than our normal audience contact, she explained, but very helpful for her. She often has to speak in that kind of environment. It was very valuable to get feedback from other members.

Where to next, Leon?

We are not expecting a different, challenging environment for every meeting. Most meetings will be conducted in our standard layout.

But from time to time we will turn up and find Leon has something different for us.

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  1. Avatar for Ilija Jurin Ilija Jurin on February 14, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    Great night at Quaynote Toastmasters
    Thanks Leon for the concept,
    The change of seating arrangements was certainly challenging
    Great idea to get people out of their comfort zones.

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