About Fremantle Quaynote Speakers

The beginning

Fremantle Quaynote Speakers is being sponsored by Victoria Quay Toastmasters.


During July 2016 the membership of Victoria Quay went over 50.  This is very large for a community based Toastmaster Club.  Optimum size is about 30-35 because the weekly meeting agenda has speaking opportunities for just over 20 people, including visitors.  This means it has become difficult to give every member a fair opportunity to practise their speeches and the other important agenda roles.

We intend that the new club will service interested people around Fremantle.  It will attract our many current visitors and some of our current members.  They will appreciate the greater opportunities available in the new and probably smaller club.

The name and meeting times?

Fremantle Quaynote Speakers.  It will meet at the Bowling Club on Monday evenings from 6-7.30pm with supper afterwards.  Victoria Quay meets in the same way on Wednesday evenings.  It will be closely connected to Victoria Quay, but it will be an independent club.

The Project

David Nicholas discussed the idea with some key members as our numbers moved steadily up through the 40s.

At our first Business Meeting with our new Victoria Quay Officers on July 13 David proposed the project.  There was great interest and general agreement.

On Wednesday, July 20, we held a special meeting to finalise the project:

  • President Ilija Jurin is spearheading the organisation.
  • The full Officer group will comprise the New Club Committee.
  • We agreed to fund the project and to apply to District 17 for financial support within their guidelines.
  • Vice President Public Relations Andrew Moore will be handling publicity through Facebook and local newspapers.
  • As Website Editor I will be using our website to publicise events.
  • A team of members will be conducting a letterbox drop in target areas around Fremantle.  This will be  about one month before the Demonstration Meeting preoject for September 19.
  • David will be the Club Founder and recruit another Founder and two Mentors.  They will all acquire credit towards a DTM award.

Since then there has been a great deal of effective activity.

  • The Fremantle Bowling Club has confirmed the booking on Monday evenings
  • Toastmasters International has approved the application to set up the new club and allocated it #5687686.  They have sent David the Charter Kit.
  • We held our Demonstration Meeting on Monday September 19.  It was a great success.  There were 42 people prsent including 16 new to Toastmasters visitors, 20 Victoria Quay mmbers and 6 other visitors.
  • The regular meetings began on Monday, September 26. There were 19 people present.

We are on the way.



Visit us if you get the chance. Meeting details are on our website or you can contact David Nicholas, on 0401 011 212 or email him at davidnic@iinet.net.au