Introducing speakers

How to do it well

There are various circumstances in which you might be required to introduce a speaker

  • A Toastmaster Meeting of course – introducing participants
  • A Master of Ceremonies at a wedding or social function
  • A Conference or Workshop Chair

You can handle it well and make it good for the participant (and get kudos yourself for your skill)
Or you can make it very difficult for the participant, even wreck his or her opening

Some simple suggestions to do it expertly

  • Put the name last
  • Preface the name with a significant pause and then say the name with oomph!
  • Give significant information about the speaker and his/her role before you announce him/her.

Here is a sample for a Toastmasters meeting

To give his workshop on introducing speakers, please welcome
……… (pause)
David Nicholas!! (with ooommmphh)


To give her Icebreaker speech, please welcome
……… (pause)
Jane Smith (with ooommmphh)