Meeting 19

Supper at Quaynote Speakers
Supper at Quaynote Speakers

Meeting 19

Feb 13 2017

Leisl was our energetic and highly competent Toastmaster.

We had 2 visitors at our meeting and 17 members.

Scott is the Sergeant at Arms at Victoria Quay on Wednesday evening.  Christine is about to join Victoria Quay but couldn't attend this Wednesday so she visited us instead.

We had three prepared speeches for this meeting and a workshop.



SAA Leon

Sergeant at Arms

Leon set the room up with our standard layout.

As well as the standard information for members and visitors, Leon reminded us to bring our Competent Leader Manuals.  He had given a comprehensive Workshop on the CL Manual at last week's meeting.

This was a brief follow up.


David delivered a workshop on two aspects of Table Topics
Table Topics Master and Table Topics Evaluation

He alerted members to the separate Help pages on the Club's website on the Information Menu

Fremantle Quaynote Speakers

All members can expect to be given the Table Topics Master role during the early stages of their membership.  The Table Topics Evaluation is a challenging role so that will come up later.



Table Topics Master

Following the Workshop David endeavoured to carry out the basic principles he had put forward.

  • Focus on maximising opportunities for members and visitors to practise their skills.  Just present the questions - don't give any introduction
  • First give the topic, then repeat it and then name the responder
  • Select speakers and visitors not on the agenda
  • Step to the side after delivering the question

Anna evaluated 6 Table Topics with a theme of animals

Visitor Scott
Visitor Christine
Visitor Brian

For each respondent she used our Commend | Recommend | Commend structure.




Project Speeches


Catherine delivered Joining dots revisited.   It was her Competent Communicator # 7 Project.

The Objectives dealt with gathering information from many sources and presenting it effectively to support her proposition.

She told us of a young man who had a crippling spinal accident.  He recovered his mobility without an operation by intense concentration on his body.

She then dealt with the amazing skill shown by young indigenous boys as they produced dot paintings. One has been used on this webpage.

Carla evaluated the speech.

Jen delivered Have you ever been depressed?   It was her Competent Communicator # 3 Project.

The title of the Objectives was Get to the point.  They dealt with having a clear objective, organising the material to present it well and project sincerity and conviction.

First Jen outlined the nature of human depression, in its many forms.

Then she gave her personal experience from her late teens through to the present day.  Medication is proving effective.

Lindsay evaluated her speech.


Peter delivered a Roast - Jim.   It was Project 3 from the Special Occasions Advanced

The Objective was to poke fun at a particular individual in a good-natured way.  This can be a very hazardous venture - Peter diplomatically chose a fictional person not known to us.

There were good laughs and a surprise ending.

Patricia evaluated the speech.

David Nicholas DTM

Well, that's it for Meeting 19 on Mon Feb 13 2017

Look forward to Meeting 20 on Mon Feb 20.

Below is a Gallery of photos of meeting participants
Followed by a Slideshow of the same photos.

Do you have a preference?  Or w0uld you like both?

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  1. Avatar for Carla van Raay Carla van Raay on February 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    What a terrific club we have on Mondays! We’re all learners, some more experienced than others but all keen to see each other grow in our public speaking skills. I feel so lucky to be a member!

  2. Avatar for Ilija Jurin Ilija Jurin on February 14, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Great pictures taken, looks like another outstanding night at Monday toastmasters.
    Inspiring bunch of humans, striving to communicate better and better.
    See you all next week.

  3. Avatar for Peter H Peter H on February 14, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    The photos are a great way of recording the meeting. Another fun night of learning on Monday

  4. Avatar for Anna Anna on February 15, 2017 at 11:36 am

    I’m so glad I have joined toastmasters quaynote, I love the members and have learned so much already in 4 months. The speeches are always so inspiring and it’s great to witness everyone s progresses. Thank you David for the great photographs.

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