July 2012

July 2012


The Newsletter of Victoria Quay Toastmasters
Editor: David Nicholas
: Greg Lynn, Christine Bonser, Glenis Nicholas

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New Committee
Jul to Dec 2012
New Members
June and July 2012
Denis Sullivan
Farewell for now


Elections for the new Officers Committee were held on Jun 20, 2012

These are for the term from July to December 2012

Christine Bonser CC

Vice President Education
Peter Law DTM

Vice President Membership
David Nicholas DTM

Vice President Public Relations
Sue Aspin

Neville Simmons ACB

Saman Perera

Sergeant at Arms
Dave Finnimore

Immediate Past President
Neville Simmons ACB


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New Members in June and July

Welcome to our newest members. We have a great start to the new year.







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Denis Sullivan’s Experience at Victoria Quay

Denis Sullivan
Denis Sullivan CC

I joined Victoria Quay Toastmasters in July 2010. I liked the idea of a community club and the venue being Fremantle suited me just fine. I heard about toastmasters, a few years prior to joining, from a work colleague. I was delivering some small work related project management training modules at the time and I felt public speaking would boost my confidence and competence in this area. My view is that I have achieved that important goal.

I found VQ through the web site, located a contact number and the then president Peter Law answered by enquiry. He encouraged me to come along. I turned up to my first meeting and met with other members. They all seemed such good speakers even the relatively new members. I was impressed and inspired to continue, to one day also become as good a speaker.

In my opinion the club has two key success factors that make it a great club. Number one is the people. (In any endeavour it is always the people.) In particular it comes down to all the long standing members (David, Glenis, Alan, Mark, Peter and Heljo) that devote so much time to Toastmaster’s philosophy and ideals. I only mentioned the main personalities that I could recall from my first club meeting, although now there are obviously many more likeminded individuals increasingly helping to develop the club.

The second factor is the supper after wards which I enjoyed. This element of the club meeting is what I believe is also a critical success factor and a recipe for success. It gives you the option and flexibility to stay if you want, or if you have a pressing need to leave you can.

As a side note; whilst I am writing this account of my experiences I feel like I am writing a speech. Well maybe I am, and can use it on a future occasion. Sorry I digress. In any case, from my perspective I found the group to be friendly and inclusive. Also the size of the meeting allowed me to become involved in a range of roles. That made it an educational experience for me and allowed me to improve my communication skills.

During the previous 2 years at Victoria Quay Toastmasters I achieved my CC award. I was an still am proud of that achievement. Also taking on the role of club treasurer for 18 months was a privilege that I enjoyed, and I was glad to continue the tradition of the orderly running of the club. I enjoyed that role and was a bit disappointed to have to give it up, however, at about the same time my work life changed and so it was a fortuitous ending.

I am in Doha, Qatar at the moment writing this account from my hotel room. I have located a Toastmasters group here called Qatar Toastmasters. For those that are interested it is Club 2910, Area 18, Division E and District 20. Maybe if I return here for a longer term assignment I could think about joining that club once I got settled. Something to think about for later.
To all my new friends at VQ Toastmasters, all the best for the future. I will try and pop in when I am back in town.


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