Public Speaking Classes


Do you need to communicate more effectively at work, home or socially? Do you want to present your ideas convincingly in an organised and logical manner? Are you looking to improve your self confidence in front of an audience?

Achieve all your personal goals through the globally recognised Toastmasters International Speechcraft program.

Speechcraft is a series of public speaking classes designed to develop your public speaking ability and so much more. You will gain confidence in all aspects of communication, including written and impromptu speeches, audio-visual aids, body language, active listening and critical evaluation.

Speechcraft programs are conducted in two tailored ways depending on the needs of participants:

  • Public programs are where individuals, either privately or work sponsored, join together.
  • Corporate programs are where an employer hosts a group of employees for in house training.

If you want to enquire about future courses we are conducting, please email David Nicholas, or phone him at 0401 011 212.

How does the program work?

The Speechcraft program exposes each participant to a wide range of communication and learning experiences. Each participant receives a professionally published Toastmaster International Speechcrafter Manual plus a range of learning materials. Participants prepare and present speeches in a relaxed atmosphere. Speeches are designed with the novice in mind – you do not need any experience!!

During each meeting, short impromptu speaking sessions are conducted to help you learn to think on your feet. After each presentation you receive a constructive speech evaluation, initially from the course trainers and then from your peers. This process recognises speaker’s strengths and provides valuable guidance on how future presentations may be improved.

Each participant is encouraged to embrace the Toastmasters International motto:Better Listening, Better Thinking, Better speaking

At the end of the course you will receive a signed Certificate of Completion.

Any questions? Please email David Nicholas, or phone him at 0401 011 212.

Speechcraft is an Opportunity to Succeed