Congratulations on getting to this page.

It means you are seriously thinking of coming to our meeting.

Speaking in public consistently ranks in public opinion surveys as people's No.1 fear - outranking even death from cancer. So, if you feel nervous about coming along to a meeting where you will get the chance to speak in public, you are quite normal.

We are a group of people who have been through that and come out the other side successfully. You will find we are friendly and helpful. Come along and see what we are like and how the meeting functions.

If you decide to take the plunge and join our club, there is a Membership Application to fill in - basically your name, address, phone number and email contact. There is a joining fee of $50 and a six month membership fee of $120, making a total of $170. Every six months all our members pay the fee of $120. There are no other fees.

So, there it is. Come along to the Fremantle Bowling Club in Ellen Street any Wednesday night. We start sharp on time at 6pm so be there by 5.50-5.55pm.

If you have more queries, ring our Membership Officer, David Nicholas, on 0401 011 212 or email him on